Some of the wonderful things that make our business thrive are from what clients say about the Honey Lemon Yoga program, and how it has impacted their lives.


Workplace Wellness Compliment


” Workplace yoga offered a convenient and positive purpose to step away from my workplace to move with intention — I did not invest enough time in myself, and my work, but thanks to Honey Lemon Yoga, yoga has re-energized my mind and body and I found that it has also promoted greater focus throughout my daily routine.

Shelley Dunn, Species at Risk Biologist — Fisheries and Oceans Canada


 Workplace Wellness Compliment 

” Having yoga at my workplace gave me the opportunity to “try it out” without the pressure of being forced to sign up with a studio or an unknown location. Going into it with colleagues in the beginning increased my self-confidence without worrying about being judged.  — I work at a desk job, and have suffered from a groin injury that never disappeared after physiotherapy. What resolved my issue was stretching in yoga, because it gave me greater endurance to be more active, productive, and less antsy at work. Having yoga at the workplace was a massive bonus because I didn’t find the time in my busy evenings to commute anywhere else.

Daniel Ferreira, Physical Science Officier — Environment and Climate Change Canada

   Workplace Wellness Compliment 

“Michelle facilitated an amazing Honey Lemon Yoga program for a small group of young women aged 12-18. Throughout the 12 week curriculum, Michelle provided a safe, quiet space which allowed participants to tap into the many holistic benefits including physical, emotional, and mental, that yoga has to offer. Michelle was very patient in her approach and gently guided participants as they explored their abilities through each movement. Participants were able to build their skills as her helpful ways have created new experiences in my life. I highly recommend Michelle as she is self-driven, with a strong passion for accomplishment for others.

 Gwen Cadler, Child Welfare Worker

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