The Honey Lemon Yoga program is deeply inspired by Baptiste Yoga and brings the ancient wisdom teachings of yoga to these distinct client groups:

  1. Working adults as a wellness initiative in the modern workplace; and,
  2. High school students as a Mental Health initiative under the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Health and Physical Education curriculum.
  3. Seniors in long term facilities.
This unique program was designed to help participants maintain good mental health using yoga right where they need it!
The Honey Lemon Yoga program is mobile, affordable and suitable for all!
We bring the mindful wellness and movement right to you!

Aloha! My name is Michelle Marie Balducchi and I am the owner of Honey Lemon Yoga.

I built my business as an opportunity to reach a large number of people who need support in maintaining good mental health in a simple and therapeutic way. I love travelling to bring the simple joys and healing benefits of yoga to people in unexpected places. I believe that when working people and young people have access to high quality yoga for mental health programs right where they are, the transformations can be incredible!

I have been in business for four years now and wherever I go, my message is the same:

  • Yoga is an inexpensive mechanism suitable for anyone looking for new ways to be comforted, soothed and empowered.
  • Yoga can significantly alter your experience of suffering from isolation, anxiety, panic and depression.
I have worked with people of all ages and levels of physical fitness!
I have served people with yoga who were unhappy in their workplace to create a new safe space to address toxic dynamics.
I have brought yoga to people suffering from crippling post traumatic stress disorder to help them regain calm and dignity in order to reclaim their voice to speak out powerfully about injustices in our world.
I have used the yoga tools to care for people who are grieving the loss of a loved one as well as people who want to bring more peace, calm and happiness into their day.
I use my unique voice training as well as my certifications as both a Yoga teacher and Thai Massage practitioner to support my clients in tuning into their current experience of the present moment to build resiliency for the challenges life throws at us all.

Just breathe

I would be honored to bring the Honey Lemon Yoga program to your workplace or school gymnasium.

Contact my team to schedule a FREE 20 minute yoga practice and receive a free audio gift of yoga! or (905) 536-2841

Mahalo! Michelle